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Most provincial trade barriers have fallen leaving us with the reality of operating in a ruthlessly cost competitive global economy, a business environment where margins are thin and robust profit elusive.  To set yourself apart from your competition and generate the income you desire, you need to protect what is unique to your company.  For that reason, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets, collectively referred to as "Intellectual Property" (IP), are now more important to your company's future success than ever before.  These statutorily created property rights allow you to make, use and sell your business's creative product or service output on an exclusive basis, and thereby generate higher volume sales and/or justify a higher sales price.  However, it is important to know how to select and use each form of IP properly and, especially with patents, you must follow best practices to insure you receive strong, valid patent coverage.  Once obtained, it is critically important that you then know how to extract maximum value from your IP portfolio.  For example, licensing your IP to others is now recognized as comprising a very important source of revenue that can not be overlooked. Unfortunately though, many companies have heretofore acquired their IP in an essentially random or even haphazard manner that lacked an overall method, purpose, and plan. Oftentimes, that approach results in an IP portfolio that is predictably weak and not able to provide for the desired market advantage and increased margins, let alone generate a licensed royalty income stream.

For these reasons and more, the world's top companies all have, or are currently developing, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) systems.  These systems are designed to proactively go about the process of obtaining, defending and exploiting these IP properties in a much more focused and purposeful way than has been typical of past practice.  The first step towards successfully implementing an IAM system at your company involves training of all personnel involved in IP procurement.  All employees involved in the process of developing new IP must know what to do, and equally importantly, what not to do, so that the resultant IP is uncompromised and of real value.  Of course, successful implementation also requires knowledge of the structure of an IAM system and of the duties and responsibilities of those involved in its execution.  In this way a comprehensive IAM system can be put in place at your company and provide you with the tools you need to thrive, even in the most difficult of economic conditions.

At Optimum IP Inc., Our Mission is to Provide Your Company with the

Training and Support It Needs to Launch and Run a Successful IAM System.
IP Procurement Training
Understanding what IP is and how it is best obtained is a prerequisite to the successful launch of an IAM system.
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IAM System Implementation Training
Our IAM system implementation course provides a solid platform from which to launch a company-wide IAM program.
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IAM System
Implementation Consulting
We can assist you with any problems that may arise during the launch and operation of your IAM system.
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Industry Patent
Search & Analysis
We have searching capabilities to assist you in researching and keeping up to date with the IP relevant to your industry.
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Partnering Opportunity Assistance
To generate the most profit from your IP and do so quickly and efficiently oftentimes requires finding suitable business partners.
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